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We are a black-belt school! many of our students participate in (and usually win) some of the best tournaments around...big trophies and great self-esteem!

Kids: improve grades, self-discipline, respect for others and yourself, confidence, balance, agility, fitness...
Parents call our classes self confidence school! we teach children to shine with a curriculum of self-control, anger management, etiquette, and good, clean fun! As the student progresses from white to black belt, the changes are literally amazing.
Adults: Improve concentration, self-discipline, flexibility, confidence...
Beginning at the white belt level, you will learn self-defense (from the basic shove to knife attack defense) and conflict avoidance techniques. For fitness, strength, power, agility and balance you will learn korean and japanese martial arts techniques perfected over thousands of years. this is not just for "gung-ho jocks”!! Several of our adult students are here just for the challenge, fitness and fun of it!!
Everyone can benefit from our adult programs. You can expect to be treated with respect, both by our instructors and your fellow students. We emphasize the positive attributes of each of our students, resulting in greatly improved confidence, self-esteem Our family-oriented program is designed to develop and strengthen the unity in a family, and to develop a team spirit. When individuals work together, their talents naturally improve. It is more natural for parents and children to get along than to be at odds with each other. Our programs help create a strong family bond by instilling a life-long loyalty. The whole family can then live up to its full potential.
To help students achieve their goals, they will be tested regularly (at least monthly), with progress assessed by one of our instructors. Achieving a Black Belt is a multi-year goal. Along the way, there are short-term objectives to advance in skill level. There are twelve levels to achieve before testing for the coveted Black Belt (white, gold, orange, green, blue, advanced blue, purple, advanced purple, red, advanced red, brown, advanced brown and then Black Belt). Learning to set and achieve these goals will help students become successful in all other areas of their lives.
Through the years, the Martial Arts industry has grown rapidly out of the image of a gym to that of a school. A good school will have a curriculum which outlines goals and objectives. A strong classroom structure is the key to the Black Belt success system - it helps the students stay focused on their goals.
As a Martial Arts school, we also participate in tournaments in Texas and surrounding states. Each student may participate, on a voluntary basis. Our students who compete typically do very well, bringing home large racks of trophies and the pride to go with them! It is a real thrill to compete and find that when you do your best, it is often better than the rest. We attribute that to the quality of our students, instructors and teaching methods.
Our Black Belt Martial Arts School emphasizes discipline and the value of persisting until goals are reached. We believe in following a high standard of values to bring out the best in our students and increase their quality of life. Regular attendance will result in stress reduction and vastly improved health. In addition, the benefits of the self-defense training can save your life!