Our logo is a blend of the Korean and American flags, in the classic ying and yang emblem. Life truly is a balance of give and take.

Officially, International Karate & Self Defense teaches a blend of Korean and American styles (thus the term "International"). Although our style is unique, it falls within the general classification commonly referred to as "Tae Kwon Do”.

Tae: jumping or flying, to kick or smash with the feet

Kwon: punch or destroy with the hand or fist;

Do: the "art" or "way"


Positive Self Image and Pride. A positive self-image leads to success. If you want to be a champion Black Belt, you must hold a positive image of yourself. One is not naturally born with a positive self-image; it must be learned and practiced. Studying the Martial Arts is an excellent way to find your way. The motiviating force of accomplishment will drive you to reach your objectives.

Courage to Overcome Fear. Courage is the maker of a champion Black Belt, and it is a characteristic that only winners possess. Courage is a measure of your heart, your desire and your inner strength. Courage will keep you from being intimidated by the prospect of failure. Fear is a natural part of life, but it can drive you to perform better if you have the courage to face it.

Self-Defense and Respect. The Martial Arts philosophy teaches the importance of respecting one's self and others. All Black Belt students must follow the Student Creed. Students will learn to set goals and be self-motivated to achieve them. A positive mental attitude will evolve. Our younger students have self-confidence to resist peer pressures and the disastrous effects of drugs, violence and gangs.